Josepha Edbauer (*1995) is a multimedia artist; currently living and working in Vienna, Austria.

Materials carry the previous within them, and through their detachment from their socio-cultural context, are brought into new ones to express.
In my practice, contraindications are addressed and narrated through transdisciplinary room installations. The starting point are deconstructions of personal circumstances in different systems in which I am surrounded.
Coming from an art historical background, questioning the mechanisms and structures of the art world is thus a recurring subject, as is visualizing digital phenomena in our analogue society. The digital space and it´s structures are no less real than our analogue world. Each object carries its own meaning, which results from the interplay. I translate my analyses into materials that suggest new perspectives in their altered context. 

Josepha Edbauer is a founding member of the interdisciplinary artist led collective room69, which develops progressive exhibition formats, new media art and installations.

since 2019        Transmedia Arts with Brigitte Kowanz and Jakob Lena Knebl, University of Applied Arts Vienna
since 2018        M.A., Art History, University of Vienna
2014 - 2017       B.A., Art History, University of Vienna



Keeping up with the trouble: a platform, curated by Sven Jirka,
brut Notrdwestbahnhof, Vienna, AT

came here to manifest but got lost in translation, curated by Mikey Laundry,
Mikey Laundry Art Garden, Bergen, NOR

Group Show, curated by Pranay Reddy,
LA Artcore, Los Angeles, US

nowhere in particular, curated by room69, 
Museumsquartier RaumD, Vienna, AT

2 0 2 2

Phileas Projects, Soft Machine, 
curated by Jakob Lena Knebl with Josepha Edbauer & Hannah Neckel, Vienna AT

Georg Kargl Permanent, Riding Emotions Trans...
curated by SHE SAID, Vienna AT

Never at Home, Projection,
curated by YCC, Vienna, AT

Red Carpet Showroom Karlsplatz, like the lines in my body are melting away,
core team room69, Vienna, AT

Wien Museum / MUSA, GEGEN DEN STRICH. Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum,
curated by Vincent Weisl, Vienna, AT

Kunsthalle Wien, A shop is a shop is a shop,
curated by Klaus Speidel, Vienna, AT

2 0 2 1

Solo Show, Blessed curse - I wish you were not here,
curated by Maxmimilan Prag & Cristian Anutoiu, ONLINE

PARALLEL Vienna, der Teufel - eine flüchtige Figur in Erwartung unserer Vorstellung,
curated by Maximilian Geymüller, Vienna, AT

Wiener Festwochen, predictable unpredictable,
curated by Götz Leineweber, Vienna, AT

OHO Haus Oberwart, We?ge in die Zukunft,
curated by Alfred Masal, Oberwart, AT

r00m69, somewhere between there and here,
curated by Brooklyn J. Pakathi, Vienna, AT

Universität für angewandte Kunst, Metaphorically together,
curated by Martina Menegon & Wolfgang Obermaier, Vienna, AT

AA Collections, when lights close their tired eyes,
Duo exhibition with Hannah Neckel, Vienna, AT

Kunstsalon FLUC, REALITY,
curated by Anna Zwingl & Brigitte Kowanz, Vienna, AT    

Parallel editions No1/21, Semperdepot,
Gallery Statement AA Collections, Vienna, AT

2 0 2 0

Improper Walls, NO ONE TOLD ME,
curated by Made of Millions Collective, Vienna, AT

GIQ, Gallery in Isolation,
curated by Jana Schneider, Berlin, DE

Die Schöne, Postinternet Generation 2,
curated by Nikita Sukhov, Vienna, AT

Stay Home Gallery, Everything is different now,
curated by Pam Marlene Taylor, Nashville, US


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