PE construction foil 160 x 160 cm, stainless steel, glass, infusion set,
hydrochloric acid on linen, gesso, acrilyc, wooden frame 70 x 70 cm

How can one lead practical proccesses back into theory?
How can one lead material things, something tangible back to something intangible? Can theory thus become comprehensible, be made tangible? The installation refers to the image-theoretical approach of Ubl and Pichler, who assume that an image is recoginzable as such when image space or image object is differentiated from the image vehicle.
The room installation consits of an acid-resistant construction foil, in the center of which a canvas has been placed. The central black square results from a reduction of my body dimensions. Next to the square is a music stand to which an infusion stand has been attached. Hydrochloric acid is released onto the painting at regular intervals to initiate a process of dissultion. As a result, the residues of the picture object, the picture space and the picture vehicle collect on the black foil.