wood, metal (iron, alu), 155 x 15 cm (3 Pieces) 

The work is based on the recurring question within my artistic practice: What is my voice? And how do I express it?
Based on the theory that behavior and thinking result from the environment and the individual, I have tried to find a possible answer. For this, I recorded my environment, as well as myself, while reading self-written texts. By the traditional method of the wood turning I transferred the so developed sound waves into wood. The two outer sticks are thus a direct expression of myself and my surroundings and are placed parallel in space. The middle bar is the result of a digital overlay of the two sound files and thus a result of how my voice might look like.

Seen as part of Phileas´s exhibition Soft Machine in cooperation with the Austrian Pavillion of the 59. Biennale with Jakob Lena Knebl and Hans Ashley Scheirl.