iron, medical infusion bottles, oxidation fluid, ferrofluid, computer parts and wound cloth
60 x 350 cm

In my installation I visualize social translation processes and information transmission.

Within our information society there are numerous processes of communication - world views and ideals are negotiated, put up for discussion and lead to individual opinion. Through this information transfer, the translation, individual approaches are lost, information is condensed and adapted. People identify themselves at different interfaces of these transmission processes, whereby through mass media information transmission mostly only the essence of the original statement is transferred and the context is not clearly visible.

I visualize this theory in my installation Translationen.
For this, fabric which refer in their individual form to different information transmissions, are attached to a sculpture. Underneath this layering, which is "floating" in space, is a panel on the floor. Above the stratification space, liquids are placed that release chemicals in a steady drip. The substances not only change the gauze material, but are reduced further and further downwards, as if through a filter, until only a fraction of the liquid causes the plate at the bottom to oxidize. The surface design of the plate thereby shows the essence of the previously passed transfer process.